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Get a painting of your own horse!

Have you ever wished to get a painting of your own horse? Now it is possible!

I am more than happy to paint commission works. I love horses and I love to paint horses that are important to someone.

People usually send me several photos of the horse  they want to get painted. I can paint based on one picture too, but usually several pictures of the same horse give better knowledge on horse's true colour and character. Based on the light and the camera, the colour in the picture can be very different from the real colour.

If the picture contains some gear (bridle, saddle etc.), other horses or humans that you wish that painting should not have, I can leave them out from the painting.

I will check that you are happy with the painting before sending it to you. If something needs to be fixed I will fix it until you are satisfied.

Worth noticing: Making an oil painting will take time because of the drying periods of the oils. Therefore making an oil painting takes 1-2 months. Watercolours, inks and charcoal are faster, so usually 1 week is enough for me to paint.

Here is the original picture customer delivered to me and the graphite version and the oil painting version of it.


Oil painting containing one horse:

  • 90 x 70cm: 1100€

  • 70 x 50cm: 800€

  • 50 x 40cm: 600€

  • 40 x 30cm: 450€

Graphite, charcoal, watercolour or ink painting containing one horse:

  • A3: 250€

  • A4: 150€

Other sizes are possible too and price will be negotiated.

Another horse into same painting: +100€/horse

Paying in parts (osamaksu) is possible in Finland. Ask for more details.

Delivery fees will be added.

Prices are valid until 31.12.2022.

Fanni ja Lulu_orig.jpg
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