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From Love to Horses

"I have spent my whole life near horses. I see horses powerful, yet calm and friendly creatures. Horses bring peace and balance into my life. To me it is meaningful to make art of a subject that has such a big impact on me.  When I paint commission works about horses that are dear old friends to someone,  I can understand the connection between the horse and the owner. I want to create that feeling into my painting."

Nina Tuovinen is Finnish artist living in Helsinki. She has studied visual arts in Pekka Halonen Academy and Helsinki Atelier of Representative Arts (Hera). She specializes in equine art. Having made a career in the business world before, she is now focusing her talents on creating something, which has deeper meaning to the customer. Something that has a soul.

Nina's original paintings are for sale in her own painting studio, this website, in Finnish art rental shop Taikka ( and global equine art gallery Paard Verzameld Gallery (

You can also contact her and request commission work. In commission, Nina will discuss with you while painting, making sure that the painting will be just right. Commission painting is unique just as the horse is. Like Nina says: "It is not just a horse. The horse has meant a lot to this person. I want to capture the personality of the horse."

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2nd place in International Online Horse Art Competition


Silver medal in Oil Painting medium series.

Competition organizator: Jumbish.


Helsinki Atelier of Representative Art (Hera)


Professional Artist studies

Academy of Pekka Halonen


Advanced Studies on Visual Arts

University of Jyväskylä


Master of Economics



Paard Verzameld

Since 2018

Järvenpään Taideseura

Since 2017


Since 2017

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call +358 40 7725 981 or contact me by this contact form:

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